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Key Staff

Dr. David Stone

Dr. David Stone is the President of MineFill Services and is a mining engineer with over 32 years of experience consulting to metal mines. Dr. Stone is an internationally recognized expert in mine backfilling, and is a frequent author and workshop presenter at backfill conferences worldwide. His expertise spans the full spectrum from cemented rockfills, to hydraulic fills and paste fills. Dave routinely provides advice on the design and costing of backfill preparation plants, and is a technical advisor to several operating mines. In recent years Dr. Stone has provided technical assistance with the design and construction of thickened tailings, paste and filtered tailings plants for surface disposal. His expertise includes paste rheology, as well as the design and operation of thickeners, filtration plants, and pumping systems for surface and underground disposal.

Richard Pearce

Richard Pearce is the Managing Director of MineFill Services Pty Ltd. and holds a B.A in Mechanical Engineering. Richard is an experienced plant designer and project manager. Richard has led the design and implementation of backfill systems for 10 years with exceptional results. He has innovatively developed next-generation plant designs that lead the global backfill market. His unique ability to design and manage projects is recognized and embraced by customers as they realize the benefits of these attributes. He is experienced in estimating, negotiating, designing, delivering and commissioning backfill systems. He is also a business partner in Backfill Pipeline Solutions, a partner company to MineFill Services, for the supply of complete underground reticulation system equipment. Richard is based in Sydney, Australia.

Mat Revell

Mat Revell is a Principal Backfill Engineer of MineFill Services. He graduated in 1997 as a Minerals Processing Engineer and originally worked in a range of Australian base metals and gold operations as a Metallurgist. Mat subsequently moved into operational engineering roles in the first paste fill systems in Australia and thereafter developed his own backfill and tailings consulting, system design and construction business. Mat was a pioneer in the early years of global paste fill development and over a 20 year career led teams that built over 30 backfill systems globally.

Mat is an internationally recognized expert in mine backfilling and tailings management, and has completed hundreds of backfill and tailings studies globally. His expertise spans the full spectrum of surface and underground tailings management solutions. Having an operational background Mat provides a pragmatic engineering approach, and is passionate about continuous innovation to add social, environmental and financial value to global mining operations. He is also a business partner in Backfill Pipeline Solutions who’s expertise is in supplying modern innovative products for underground backfill reticulation. Mat is based in Queensland, Australia

Matt Helinski

Matt Helinski is a Principal Backfill Engineer of MineFill Services. He studied as a geotechnical engineer and now has over 20 years operational experience and a PhD in the field of mine backfill geomechanics. Matt started his career as the backfill engineer at Glencore CSA mine and has become an internationally recognized expert in mine backfilling and tailings management, and has completed hundreds of backfill and tailings studies globally.

Matt has published seven “Category A” journal papers and presented many industry conference papers, including a keynote paper at the “Minefill 2011” conference (widely recognised as the world’s leading conference in the field of mine backfill). Matt’s particular expertise is in his rigorous understanding of the mine backfill geo-mechanical requirements and applying this understanding to develop mine backfill systems that most effectively achieve the mining requirements. Matt also has a particular interest in combining his extensive site experience with advanced simulation methods to optimise the way backfill is used in the mining cycle.

Matt is based in Newcastle, Australia.

Bernie Ting

Bernie Ting is a senior backfill engineer with MineFill Services USA Inc. After receiving degrees in materials science engineering (B.A.Sc.) and electrical and computer engineering (M.A.Sc.), Bernie has worked on over 25 backfill projects and was the chief paste engineer for the Giant Mine remediation project. He is experienced in designing, commissioning and operating various types of backfill systems. His latest research areas include cold climate backfill, fiber-reinforced backfill, and backfill using reclaimed tailings.

Christopher Lam
Christopher Lam

Christopher Lam is a Backfill Systems Engineer with nearly a decade of experience in mining projects. He holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Queen’s University of Kingston Ontario. Chris has over nine years of experience in domestic and international mining projects focusing on engineering design of mine infrastructure and backfill plants. Chris has provided project support for new and mature mining facilities, assisting in commissioning & start-ups as well as upgrades and troubleshooting. Chris is based in Toronto, Canada.

Stephen McGrath

Stephen McGrath is a Technical Backfill Engineer with over 10 years experience in mine backfill testing and providing technical expertise to backfill operations around the world. Stephen specialises in developing the optimal backfill solution that is both technically feasible and operationally robust. With a thorough understanding on the behaviour of mine tailings, and the effect natural variations in tailings will have on the overall backfill process, Stephen is equipped to apply the technical know-how of mine backfill to studies and implementation projects. He is also business owner of Backfill Testing Services, a partner company to Minefill Services, for the supply of backfill laboratory testing services. Stephen is based in Newcastle, Australia.

Dave Liston

Dave Liston is a Senior Backfill Engineer of MineFill Services and has worked in the mining and mineral processing industry since 2005, starting out in an operational paste fill engineering role with BHP Billiton

Dave then moved into a mining projects engineering role, before relocating internationally to implement key components of, and operationally manage, a hydraulic fill system and a paste fill system.

Dave has subsequently led and contributed to numerous Australian and international surface and underground mining projects. These comprise the full life cycle from scoping/feasibility studies, design, construction and commissioning through to operations, as well as continuous improvement and optimisation projects. Dave has held various positions during the implementation of these projects, including: Project Manager, Commissioning Manager and Lead Project Engineer.

Dave is committed to functional design and practical health and safety facilitation. He is based in Queensland, Australia.